1stmeds - Ripped OFF

Sacramento, California 1 comment
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I used 1st meds for a bit.At first they were on time etc.

Then the refills took 6 weeks then 8 weeks etc. They constantly said the pharm. was out of our medication. I was due two of my meds and three months later I never received them.

I saw what the website posted......I called my credit card company and turned them into them. I got my money back so far.....

to bad there is really no recourse we can do to these companies. They get their money and yet we do not get our product. When I did get the cust.

serv. reps before they shut down they just said they will be coming in a few days, they just kept dragging me on.

I did not get a refund from then, that is when I turned them in to my card company.

Review about: Medications.



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1stmeds - 1st Meds took my money, then ran.

Bradenton, Florida 1 comment

I should have sensed thievery from the start!As requested, I faxed medical records, my driver's license copy, etc.

to 1stMeds.com. They said via their website that they couldn't read my faxed info. Then I had to re-fax that same information 4 more times before 1stMeds finally posted for me to fax my records to a different fax number (which worked). Next step: my doctor's consultation, which turned out to be OK.

The contracted doctor prescribed medication, and that prescription was sent to a contracted pharmacy for filling & shipping. Well... I waited over 2 months for my medication, which I never received. Every time I called 1stMeds, I got the same response: They were sorry for the delay, but were sure my prescription would be filled and shipped very soon.

If I needed medication right away, I should go to a hospital emergency room. THAT was really bad advice--I DO NOT recommend that. Finally, I requested a refund. I was told I couldn't get one for my doctor's consultation, but I could get a refund for my (never sent)medication & shipping.

To this day, I've never received my refund. I'm not talking about a few dollars--I'm out over two hundred dollars. If anyone has had success with getting a refund from 1stMeds, please tell me how you did it.



Bloomfield, Nebraska, United States #4759

I had been with 1st meds for a year and gradually they started to get worst. They have my money for the same reasons since november. I think they are out of business.

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